Conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Research with Curreio, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for joint research with Curreio, Inc., a company with outstanding analytical technology for 3D structural analysis of proteins using Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM).

Veneno Technologies and Curreio will be collaborating on the Disulfide-Rich Peptide (DRP) drug development and small molecule drug development, by combing Curreio’s advanced Cryo-EM platform technology and our PERISS™ technology for rapid screening of DRP targeting transmembrane proteins. The two companies aim to expand the number of drug targets and improve R&D efficiency in the challenging area where drug discovery has been difficult using conventional methods.

Structural analysis based on Cryo-EM is currently one of the most advanced techniques for analyzing the 3D structure of biomolecules. The visualization of complexes of drug targets and peptides by Cryo-EM will provide basic information about their interactions and conduct rational peptide drug design. Single-particle analysis using Cryo-EM is a technique that has developed dramatically over the past few years and has significant advantages, such as determining the structure in an aqueous solution without the need for protein crystallization. On the other hand, the cryo-EM operation, measurement, and analysis depend heavily on the researcher’s skills, experience, and intuition. Curreio has unique technologies for sample preparation, grid preparation, and 3D structure analysis for cryo-EM single-particle measurements, enabling us to solve challenging protein structures.

Kazunori Yoshikawa, CEO of Veneno Technologies Co. Ltd.

We are very excited to begin our collaborative research efforts with Curreio. We believe that we can characterize DRPs by using cryo-EM, a technique that has attracted much attention in recent years. I am confident that we will be able to accelerate drug discovery based on DRPs and contribute to the advancement of membrane protein science.

Motoki Nakai, CEO of Curreio, Inc.

We are very pleased to reach this agreement with Veneno Technologies, a company with excellent DRP drug discovery technology. I believe that the collaboration between Veneno Technologies and Curreio will enable us to explore new drug discovery fields.

About Curreio, Inc.

Curreio, Inc. was founded in August 2019 as a company specialized in Cryo-EM structural analysis. The company is currently focusing on the Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) business by fully using its specialty on the world-class accuracy of structural analysis based on unique analytical skills. We are actively engaging in joint research with pharmaceuticals and university labs, to provide innovative new drugs to people, and to achieve our mission statement, “Achieve healthier and secure life through the power of science”.